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Kerio Control Firewall 7.2.0 release pada tanggal 30 Agustus 2011.




Kerio Control — Release History

(formerly Kerio WinRoute Firewall)

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Known issue / missing feature

Version 7.2.0 — August 30, 2011
+ Bandwidth can be now managed easily on one place and also traffic rules can 
be used to fine-tune
+ Traffic charts can be activated for Traffic and Bandwidth Management rules
+ Support for Google Chrome has been added to Web administration
+ Support for authentication in Apple Open Directory has been added
* The Domains and User Login screen has been redesigned
* Several user accounts can be edited at once. Also they can be directly 
enabled/disabled from context menu
* Upgrade can now be performed by direct upload of an upgrade file via Web 
* Usability of status screens, namely Active Hosts and Active Connections, has 
been improved. More than one row can be selected to perform certain operations.
* Long lists are listed without paging in Web Administration
+ Added column with user rights to the user account list
* List of user accounts displays number of users defined in currently displayed 
* A specific record in the DNS hosts table can be found easily in the hosts 
* Debug and Filter log allow to adjust the format of logged packets
* Navigation in list of rules by the Page Up and Page Down keys has been 
* Usability of long dialogs on smaller screen resolution has been improved
* Debugging messages from Web Administration can be enabled in Debug log
* DHCP leases can be transferred to another machine using the configuration 
* Performance of IPS blacklists has been improved
* VPN Client can now verify an SSL chain including an intermediate certificate
* Multiple bug fixes and improvements have been done in Active Directory 
* Added possibility to force reconnect all VPN tunnels when primary line goes 
back online in failover scenario
* Old inactive users with no data are now automatically purged from StaR
- Fixed: Some MAC addresses were incorrectly matched by MAC Filter
- Fixed: FTP over HTTP Proxy for URLs containing some special characters
- Fixed: Scrolling in logs overloaded Kerio Control Engine
- Fixed: Erasing a log took up to 1 minute 

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