Actually, the list of supported languages was not accurate.

Here is the current status, with 14languages fully supported:
British English, Catalan, Catalan (Valencian), Chinese Traditional , Dutch, French, Greek,Indonesian,Italian, Portuguese,  Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian; and some partially:Belarusian (87%),Brazilian Portuguese (87%), Breton (65%), Chinese Simplified (80%), Estonian (79%), Finnish (78%), Galician(87%), German (83%), Hindi (86%),Irish Gaelic (99%), Norwegian Nynorsk (86%), Russian (80%), Slovak (76%), Slovenian (70%), Polish (99%), Turkish (93%)

Le 13/03/2018 à 17:45, Timothée Giet a écrit :
We are happy to release GCompris 0.90.

This new version contains 8 new activities:

  * A calendar activity where the child learns how to use it (by Amit

  * Another activity based on calendar where the child has to find the
    date corresponding at a date + some days further/before this date
    (by Amit Sagtani)

  * An activity to learn how people on a family are related and how to
    call this relation (started by Rajdeep Kaur on a previous GSoC,
    completed by Rudra Nil Basu during last GSoC)

  * Another similar activity with questions about family members

  * An extension of memory activities where the child has to match
    lowercase letters with their corresponding uppercase (by Aman Gupta)

  * The same activity in two players mode with Tux (by Aman Gupta)

  * The Gtk+ port and improved submarine activity where the child
    learns a basic overview on how to run a submarine (by Rudra Nil Basu)

  * The digital electricity activity where the child can use different
    components to create an electric schema. There is also a tutorial
    mode to explain how to use each component (started by Pulkit Gupta
    on previous GSoC, completed by Rudra Nil Basu)

We always have new features, contentand bug fixes:

  * Irish translation, voices and datasets by Séamus Ó Briain

  * Updated graphics on several activitiesby Timothée Giet

  * Lot of improvements on removing overriding elements issues (score
    were hidden behind the bar...)

  * Add Tutorial item to be able to have activity introductions with
    both images and texts

  * Add easy mode in letter in word with less words displayed

  * Add license page

  * Lots of small bug fixes

You can find this new version on the download page:
http <>s <>:// <>

On the translation side, we have 17 languages fully supported:
Belarusian, British English, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Catalan (Valencian), Dutch, French, Galician, Italian, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese,  Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian; and some partially: Breton (75%), Chinese Simplified (88%), Chinese Traditional (90%), Estonian (91%), Finnish (63%), German (92%),  Greek (90%), Hindi (98%),Irish Gaelic (99%), Russian (88%), Slovak (88%), Slovenian (80%)

If you want to help, please make some posts in your community about GCompris and don't hesitate to give feedbacks.

Thank you all,

Timothée & Johnny

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