KDE Project Security Advisory

Title:          Plasma: Notifications can expose user IP address
Risk Rating:    Low
CVE:            CVE-2018-6790
Versions:       Plasma < 5.12.0
Date:           8 February 2018

Plasma has support for the Desktop Nofications specification. That 
specification allows
embedding images in notifications. Plasma was not sanitizing the HTML that 
forms the notification.
That allowed for notifications to load a remote image leaking the user IP 
address. This is in turn
made a bit worse by the fact that some chat software doesn't sanitize the text 
they send to the
notification system either meaning that a third party could send a carefully 
crafted message
to a chat room and get the IP addresses of the users in that chat room.

Disable notifications

Update to Plasma >= 5.12.0 or Plasma >= 5.8.9

Or apply the following patches:
Plasma 5.8: 

Thanks to David Edmundson for the fix.

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