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--- Comment #49 from Denis Kurz <> ---
Bug 353675 probably describes what's going on when this bug occurs. Bug 353675,
Comment 3 describes the cure. Daniel committed the fix before the 16.12.1
release, so this version should be unaffected.

I set this bug to fixed for now. If it still happens to you, dear reader, in
version 16.12.1 (a.k.a. 5.4.1), please report back and I'll reopen.

If you do, please take care not to mix up this bug with one of the other
search-related bugs currently around, since we have other reports for these.

Ideally, you'd make sure that *every* search fails, especially the first one
after a reboot (or restart of akonadi/kmail). Not being able to do subsequent
searches, or not being able to edit search criteria of existing search folders,
or even searching in the message body or using the "does not contain" filter...
those are all different bugs that should not be discussed here.

Btw, without Daniel's comment I would mark this as WORKSFORME, because it works
for me on 16.12.1. It did not work in older versions in my setup.

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