--- Comment #2 from Mauro Carvalho Chehab <> ---
(In reply to Dr. Chapatin from comment #0)
> It's not possible select the correct dvd menu item because the mouse pointer
> is not visible.

What Kaffeine version are you using? 

On Kaffeine 2.x, this is a hard to fix issue, as libVLC auto-hides the cursor
at the video display region after 5 seconds. Such behavior cannot be disabled.

So, I had to add a hack on Kaffeine that forces the cursor to be shown again,
if moved inside the video display region. I changed its implementation a few

(In reply to Kevin Kofler from comment #1)
> Indeed, clicking on DVD menu items is not working right. I can sometimes see
> the cursor, sometimes not, but even when it is visible, the click is not
> registered on the correct coordinates.

On Kaffeine 2.x, the coordinates for DVB menu items are caught directly by
libVLC. If it is not getting the right coordinates, it is likely a VLC bug.

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