--- Comment #17 from Julian Seward <> ---
Also, your implementation uses guest_state.LLaddr == 0 to mean "there
is no transaction in progress".  So guest_state.LLaddr == 0 has a special
meaning that is different from all other values.

I'd prefer to remove that special meaning and instead use a third
boolean field.  Also, it seems safer to invalidate any in-progress
transaction when the thread is scheduled, not de scheduled.  So my
pseudocode summary so far is


    gs.LLvalid = 1
    gs.LLaddr  = addr
    gs.LLdata  = *addr

  StoreCond(addr, data)

    if gs.LLvalid != 1)   -> fail
    if addr != gs.LLaddr  -> fail
    if *addr != gs.LLdata -> fail
    cas_ok = CAS(addr, gs.LLdata -> data)
    if !cas_ok            -> fail
    gs.LLvalid = 0

  When thread scheduled

    gs.LLvalid = 0

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