--- Comment #4 from Michał Dybczak <> ---
When I right click a file and choose the option "send to <device> with kde
connect" it does nothing. I cannot use it to send any files.

When I open my device from places in Dolphin it opens sftp mount:


It doesn't matter if I drag/drop the file or copy/paste it, it results with
corrupted file.

I checked other file types and with small ones, md5 sums are the same. But with
larger files (like 10MB+) sums are different so it's not only mp3s are affected
but the whole transfer of larger files. This is serious and excludes usage of
KDE Connect wifi transfer.

The question is, is it caused by KDE Connect or another system element and then
we should file a bug in another place?

Using cable with mtp connection all is fine.

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