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Thanks a lot to all KDE contributors working towards the solution of this long
standing issue. I have had this exact same suspend issue for 2 years (since
switching from KDE 4 to Plasma 5). I understand that it should be fixed
starting with the 5.10.3 release, however it doesn't seem to be the case for
me, so perhaps I have missed some important setting to enable the fix.

I use the "Folder View" plasmoid on my Plasma desktop, and in my case, the
display artifacts are most obvious on the icon texts, which become some kind of
random noise after each suspend/resume cycle, and until I mouse-drag them to
force a redraw. After a few (~ 5) suspend/resume cycles, the contents of
background windows also randomly tend to go black when they are not in focus
(but just briefly moving the mouse over the affected window instantly redraws
its contents: I use "focus follows mouse" strategy btw). To get rid of this
behaviour, I need to completely log off and back in.

My current setup is OpenSuSE Leap 42.2 with a GTX 560 Ti graphics card and
latest proprietary driver (384.59). I currently run Plasma & KWin 5.10.4
(previously tried 5.10.3 as well) and Frameworks 5.36.0. I use the Plasma
packages from the KDE:Frameworks5 repository and Qt 5.9.1 from the KDE:Qt5

The compositor is set to use the OpenGL 3.1 rendering engine @ 2560 x 1440 (if
that matters) with "Breeze" decorations.

What I observed since switching to 5.10.3 and then 5.10.4 is that a new KWin
notification pops up each time I resume from sleep, saying that desktop effects
have been reset following restart of the graphics engine (rough translation
from French). But besides this, display artifacts are still there, exactly the

Thanks in advance for advice.

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