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--- Comment #1 from Martin Flöser <> ---
I'm sorry, but I fear there is nothing we can do about this. The layout
handling is handled by xkbcommon. That is we pass all key events to xkbcommon
and xkbcommon transforms it to a key symbol and handles changes to the keyboard
layout transparently. Whatever comes out from xkbcommon is then fed into other
parts of KWin such as global shortcuts or send to other applications. We don't
have any control over this at this point.

In fact KWin is completely out of the game here as the shortcut matching is
done inside Konsole, so inside Qt. Which again just forwards keys into

I don't know whether this can be fixed at all - I don't know the internals of
all involved components enough. But I fear this is just an unfixable situation.

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