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(In reply to Michał Dybczak from comment #9)
> (In reply to Albert Vaca from comment #7)
> > I can effectively confirm that this is an SSHFS 3.0 bug, which has been
> > fixed in 3.1 but for some reason reintroduced in 3.2 (??). 
> > 
> > We already have a fix for it on the desktop side [1], that disables the
> > buggy feature of SSHFS. But, since we can't guarantee distros are gonna
> > adopt the fixed version of KDE Connect before they adopt SSHFS 3.0 (or 3.2)
> > I've also written a "fix" for the Android app, which will just abort the
> > transfer with an error. This way, at least we don't cause data
> > corruption/loss.
> Does that mean, when we update KDE Connect and will have faculty sshfs
> version, transfer fail? If I didn't know the cause, I would see it as bug as
> well ;). Maybe some additional info with that error would be helpful to
> understand what is going on for people who didn't see that thread?

There is no way to surface this error to the user in a backwards compatible way
:( It might be seen as a bug, but I think it's way better than just succeed
with a corrupted file.

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