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>                                                  If it is that's a bug in
> the notification lib.

I don't believe this has anything to do with a library.

When the bus is sent StartServiceByName, it will not send a reply until the
started process exits or the desired name is registered (I have not confirmed
if there are also timeouts involved.) This means that plasma_waitforme will
block all programs that call StartServiceByName for
org.freedesktop.Notifications for one minute.

I have read but not confirmed that the bus will start at most one service for
each name. E.g. if there are two service files providing the
org.freedesktop.Notifications name, then the bus will only start one of them.
If this is so, then the very presence of the
org.kde.plasma.Notifications.service file will __PREVENT__ the real
org.freedesktop.Notifications service from starting.

This means that simply installing plasma on your system will likely break all
applications using notifications. That is unless you're also actively using
plasma or autostarting a notification service via some other means.

If you agree with this analysis then I hope that this problem will be fixed as
soon as possible, e.g. by moving the offending service file to a separate,
optional package.

Thanks in advance

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