Bug ID: 383210
           Summary: Incoming POP3 Mails keep re-appearing in INBOX folder
                    after moving to other local
           Product: kmail2
           Version: 5.2.3
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: folders
  Target Milestone: ---

Steps to reproduce:

- Get a number of E-Mails in inbox from a POP3 server.

- Move mails from inbox to a local folder (e.g. named "mails from office"),

- Press button "Check Mail"

==> Most, if not all, mails that were moved are coming into inbox again and
create duplicates, i.e. they exist twice or even more often with same content,
name, sender etc. in the same (sub-) folder.

Comments: I have selected option to delete mails from server after downloading
them from POP3 server, but the mails will move into inbox again even if they
are no longer available on POP3 server.

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