Bug ID: 383219
           Summary: Ubiquity:  Can't use crypto in manual disk setup in
                    KDE neon (also affects Kubuntu)
           Product: neon
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: critical
          Priority: NOR
         Component: Live/Install images
  Target Milestone: ---

This bug, which affects KDE neon, is the SAME bug that has affected Kubuntu
from 15.10 through the current daily build of 17.10.

For the Kubuntu bug report, see

I'll quote David Schoen from his bug report, which equally describes the
situation on KDE neon:

"Selecting 'Manual' under disk setup if I add a "/boot" and then create the
next partition as "physical volume for encryption" I'm then given no way to use
that volume (i.e formatting and setting up the passphrase so I can put LVM or
FS on it). See crypto-no-usable-options.png.

"None of the available buttons on the screen do anything useful at this point
and additionally it's very easy to accidentally trigger [Launchpad] bug
#1510730 while looking for some way to apply the layout.

"Basically there doesn't seem to be any way to do custom layouts using crypto
in ubiquity currently."

I'll just add the following:

I can confirm this bug exists in the latest daily build of Kubuntu 17.10 amd64
(downloaded 2017-08-06), both when installing onto a newer UEFI system and when
installing onto an older BIOS system.

I haven't tested the latest daily build of Ubuntu, but I can confirm that this
bug does NOT exist in Ubuntu 16.04.3 or Ubuntu 17.04.

Moreover, this bug does NOT exist in the latest daily build of Ubuntu MATE
17.10 amd64 (downloaded 2017-08-06), and does NOT exist in the latest daily
build of Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 amd64 (downloaded 2017-08-06).

Note that lauchpad user Artemgy mentions in the Kubuntu bug report that the bug
exists in Lubuntu Next 17.10 amd64, and that Lubuntu Next 17.10 derives its
variant of Ubiquity from Kubuntu.

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