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> > A bug was reported. It was initially atrtributed to Kwin. Eventually Plasma
> > got involved. I don't know the details, I'm just hoping the bug can be
> > fixed. It looks like people thought it was fixed at last, but it seems it
> > may not quite be fixed after all.
> If you want the issue to get fixed in Plasma, report it against Plasma. Once
> again: this bug report here was about the crash in KWin with NVIDIA and
> nothing else. We have one bug report per issue. If there are multiple issues
> multiple bug reports are required.
> I'm sure you want the issue to get fixed. Thus create a new bug report.
> Reporting the issue in this bug report just won't get the issue fixed. No
> Plasma developer reads this bug report as it is on product KWin. Even if it
> were reassigned no Plasma dev would read it as it has two years of comments
> about KWin. It needs a dedicated report for Plasma. So please do that and
> stop reporting here, it is not helpful.

Dude. I don't know or care whether the bug is in Kwin or Plasma.
Forget I even mentioned Plasma.

The bug is not a "crash" in Kwin. It is about corrupted buffer objects, eg text
under icons after suspend/resume. There is no "crash".

Read the recent comment just above from Pierre. Whatever this bug is, whether
it's Kwin, or Plasma, it appears that it is NOT fixed. Sorry.

I am not trying to associate some new bug with this old report. I'm only back
here because it looked like this bug was fixed, horray! And then Pierre
reported that it seems not fixed. 

I have updated my F26 system and I am about to see whether it's fixed for me,
and will report back shortly.

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