--- Comment #10 from Daniel Santos <> ---
(In reply to Kevin Funk from comment #9)
> Please try starting KDevelop in the terminal like this:
>   QT_LOGGING_RULES="kdev*=true" kdevelop --ps

Interesting, I tried running

QT_LOGGING_RULES="kdev*=true" gdb --args kdevelop --ps

and it didn't crash where it had before, but while parsing files it decided
that it needed 18.5GiB of memory and I had to kill it.  I'm running it now w/o
gdb and I changed the number of parsing threads to 1 so as to be more certain
of which file blew up and it's not failing yet nor eating much memory.  I'll
try this again tomorrow w/o the QT_LOGGING_RULES just to verify that I can
still produce the error.

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