Bug ID: 383268
           Summary: Ambiguous shortcuts, global and application shortcuts
           Product: plasmashell
           Version: master
          Platform: Kubuntu Packages
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: grave
          Priority: NOR
         Component: Global Menu
  Target Milestone: 1.0

When opening KDE applications like KCalc, Kate or System Settings I get popups
with text like 

'There are two actions (Quit, Quit) that want to use the same shortcut
(Ctrl+Q). This is most probably a bug.'

When trying to use the shortcut a new popup says
'The key sequence 'Ctrl+Q' is ambiguous. Use 'Configure Shortcuts'
from the 'Settings' menu to solve the ambiguity.
No action will be triggered.'

When trying to change the shortcut for 'Quit' through configure shortcuts in
the menu in KCalc there exist no duplicate.

For example when opening KCalc the first popup appears a number of times for
these commands
* Quit (Ctrl+Q) once
* Undo (Ctrl+Z) twice
* Redo (Ctrl+Shift+Z) twice 
* Cut (Ctrl+X) twice
* Cut (Shift+Del) twice
* Copy (Ctrl+C) once
* Copy (Ctrl+Ins) once
* Paste (Ctrl + V) twice
* Paste (Shift + Ins) twice
* KCalc Handbook (F1) twice
* What's This? (Shift+F1) twice

If I remove KCalc Handbook shortcut for KCalcs configuration then that shortcut
works as expected
If I Globals Settings Help is set to F1 for shortcut and None for alternate and
KCalc Handbook shortcut is F1 , alternate None it works as expected

Kubuntu 17.04 (upgrade from 16.04 with the same problem)
plasmashell 5.9.5

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