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If this could be implemented by providing a window-specific rule, perhaps the
bug could be fixed by distributing that rule with either the Plasma or kwin
base package.  But it needs to apply to anything -- application launcher, menu,
what have you -- triggered by interacting with the panel.

The current behavior makes absolutely no sense from a user standpoint.  If I
click on the browser menu bar, a menu pops up regardless of the FSP. 
Interacting with the panel is, from my perspective, _exactly the same
operation_.  In reference comment 12, *the panel is the "currently active
application"*.  Maybe it's not _implemented_ that way, but from a user
perspective, that's what it is.

I don't care if this isn't usable with click to focus.  I don't know offhand
why it isn't, but I don't particularly care per se; I use focus follows mouse -
mouse precedence (with both click raises active window and raise on hover
disabled, if that makes any difference).

I absolutely need focus stealing prevention.  To be quite honest, even high
isn't high enough.  There are still cases where firefox (when it starts up) and
LibreOffice (at various times when a file is being saved or a computation is in
progress -- as I said, I have a spreadsheet where those can take minutes, and
yes I used the wrong tool, and no I'm not going to rewrite it as a database app
any time soon) grabs the focus, and whatever I'm typing goes into it.

My login procedure prompts for a number of passwords.  Firefox takes its time
coming up (the problem with a ridiculous number of extensions and tabs, but
foo), and at some point in the whole process, pops itself on top of those
password prompts and helps itself to the focus.

Why does FF do this?  Why does LO do this?  BTHOOM.  I don't know why; all I
know is that I don't want it to do that.  Extreme FSP would likely put a stop
to it, but at the cost of making the panel entirely unusable.  I suppose I
could learn how the rules work (if I could figure out what "window classes" are
and such) and write a bunch, but I'm not a window management expert and have
rather less than ardent desire to become one.  I rather doubt that I'm the only
user who has this problem, and the comments here confirm that.

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