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I am inclined to believe this is caused by some external process hooking the
installer with bad code or injecting some bad DLLs, or that some application
installs messed up (e.g. ms office).

The installer we use is a fairly standard NSIS-based installer (not so standard
compared to MSI installers, but NSIS is still widely being used), mostly
unchanged since Krita 3.0 (which is more than a year ago), and there hasn't
been any reports of similar errors in the past. There also isn't any search
results related to NSIS regarding the error, so I wouldn't think the installer
is to be blamed.

The error happens in RichEd20 which is the rich-text editor control that NSIS
uses to show RTF license texts. You might not get the same error with other
NSIS-based installers that uses only plain-text license texts, but I bet you'll
get the same crash for other NSIS-based installers that _do_ use RTF license
texts. Perhaps you can try running the standalone Krita shell extension

Anyway, I don't think much can be done on our side about this other than trying
to update the version of NSIS used to make the installer, which is probably not
going to change anything according to their changelog.

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