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You made me have a deeper look at the code, the bug is obvious in:

1) KCupsConnection::request() calls retry(). 
2) KCupsConnection::retry() handles (status == IPP_FORBIDDEN), and if
password_retries == 0, will set force_auth to true.
3) If force_auth is true, cupsDoAuthentication will be called. 
4) cupsDoAuthentication will NOT call the password_cb callback, since it will
(again) get a 403. for this reason, password_retries will NOT be bumped. 
5) Since cupsDoAuthentication returned -1, KCupsConnection::retry() will return
6) We go back to Step 1. 

That will happen endlessly. 

On a side-note, debug output is broken: 
qCDebug(LIBKCUPS) << "Called cupsDoAuthentication(), success:" << (ret == -1 ?
true : false);
Here "-1" indicates failure, not success. 

Does this help to resolve the issue?

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