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(In reply to Tuukka Verho from comment #61)
> godlike: the following minimal test should show whether you have the bug
> even without sourceSize. You need to install qmlscene, and save the
> following code into test.qml. Put the wallpaper to the same directory
> (adjust the filename if necessary) and then run with "qmlscene test.qml". It
> should show a very obvious grid-like pattern (at least if you take a
> screenshot and zoom in). Then you can try commenting out the sourceSize line
> to see whether that gets rid of the pattern of not.
> test.qml:
> import QtQuick 2.5
> Image {
>       width: 900 
>       height: 600
>       source: "03162_christmaseveinseattle_3840x2400.jpg"
>       sourceSize: Qt.size(width, height) // try commenting this out
> }

Sorry for the (HUGE) delay. I can clearly see a difference between commenting
and uncommenting. With sourceSize commented, the image look much crisper (less

Does this mean that something must be updated? As I've said before, all
appearances of sourceSize have been commented in my
/usr/share/plasma/wallpapers/org.kde.image/contents/ui/main.qml but the issue
still persists. Should I update to qt-5.9 once it's released?

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