--- Comment #7 from Ivo Raisr <> ---
Weird, line 20564 pertains to decoding "pop" instruction.

There is a test case in Valgrind regression test suite:
none/tests/amd64/bmi.c which exercises bextr with the following operands:
        c4 e2 f0 f7 d6          bextr  %rcx,%rsi,%rdx
        c4 e2 f0 f7 55 d0       bextr  %rcx,-0x30(%rbp),%rdx

Perhaps the problem we see here is that the first operand is an immediate
instead of a register?

Also there is similar bug 322586 where folks were reporting unrecognized
bextr (0x8F 0xEA 0xF8 0x10 0xCA 0x3 0x1D). Perhaps you could try the patch
attached there if it works for you?

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