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Copy pasta from IRC for the record:

‎[10:47] ‎<‎sitter‎>‎ kbroulik: foo-desktop.desktop is foo/desktop.desktop on
disk (haven't read bug yet)
‎[10:51] ‎<‎sitter‎>‎ kbroulik: mh, yeah, I think that is the problem here. the
startsWith code is to filter out the old KDE3
`/usr/share/applications/kde/foo.desktop` entities which have the desktop id
‎[10:52] ‎<‎sitter‎>‎ also see
... it's bit of a mess in the spec which I guess is largely because we put our
stuff into a subdir even before the spec was a thing
‎[10:53] ‎<‎sitter‎>‎ seeing as the kde-* filter is only applicable to KDE3 we
can probalby drop it, I think the better fix is to rename the KCM though.
inparticular kde-* and kde4-* I can easily imagine being subject to filtering
in more places than just the service runner

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