--- Comment #13 from Shavarsh <> ---
My reported problems were not associated with the crashes or hanging of 
the main application general. Instead, the problems were with the 
plug-in container. The latter never seemed finalized, or it periodically 
created issues with the status of the installed catalogues. The 
catalogues frequently appeared installed and then changing the status to 
"needs to be installed" again whereas in fact they are installed but the 
plug-in container somehow fails to recognize the fact.

Yes, I also encountered problems with the crash of the application on 
exit but this was by comparison a minor problem.

My understanding is the same version of the application is now updated 
with the modifications entered into the installer build, is it?

On 11-Aug-17 11:17 PM, Csaba Kertész wrote:
> --- Comment #11 from Csaba Kertész <> ---
> Probably it is just misunderstanding, but if I understood right, you enabled
> some catalogs and then KStars crashed on exit, is not it? At least that is the
> problem what I fixed.
> The same version of KStars is not fixed. You should test with a KStars build
> for Windows after 1st of August.

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