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Thank you very much for your help. Would you be able to list all the Windows
Updates performed after Krita last worked for you and before Krita started to
not work?

(In reply to Rebecca from comment #3)
> Hi guys, thanks for the responses. @Boudewijn Rempt that would make sense
> because I did a BIOS update that Dell prompted this last week, and that was
> around the time Krita went wonky. 
> @Alvin Wong--
> 1) Yep, it's at 150%, I just tried 125 and 100 and it didn't change anything
> in Krita (except, you know, make it smaller, haha). 
> 2) I'm currently on Windows 1703, but looking at my history it seems like
> I've had 1703 since as far back as May and Krita was fine then.
> 3) I just have Intel Graphics I'm pretty sure
> 4) Apparently I had it disabled, I turned it on and it definitely changed
> the look of Krita-- some of the buttons I didn't have access to before were
> working again but it's still sized wrong and I still don't have access to
> the file buttons (picture attached). 
> Thanks again guys

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