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--- Comment #115 from Hauke <> ---
(In reply to sompom01 from comment #112)
> Since this bug is in the top 100 duplicates of all time, I assume you want
> it to be reopened, even though everyone else has had no problems for two
> years...
> I have had a crash that meets the same symptoms just tonight on 4.11.11,
> although I don't know enough about the internals of KDE to compare the
> backtrace to see if they are actually the same. I will attach the error
> report file.
> Note that I was not able to reproduce the bug, so it could just be some kind
> of exciting and exceedingly rare race condition (I seem to have a lot more
> threads going than the majority of other crash reports I looked at :P).
> I believe I can't reopen this bug, so I hope someone will read this who can
> and does.

I think the bug still exists (s. bug 372881), but it's probably a but in Qt and
not in plasma.

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