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Report of Profiling + SQL

Hi Stéphane,

I doubled up with the previous trace and the file, which is copied from the
console, contains both trace and SQL. This is probably redundant.

>From your diagnostic, I guess the statement that causes the issue is the
following :

FROM payee p2 WHERE<> AND upper(p2.t_name)=upper(payee.t_name)
AND p2.t_name<>payee.t_name)) TIME=27582 ms,  (with fetch):27582 ms

It was executed twice, which matches with my observing two CPU max-outs, one at
startup and one when I updated the operation's category.

Hope that could help you improve that operation. It seems a quite simple
brute-force statement on all the base and I'm not SQL-wise enough to know if
such a seemingly simple request can be improved ^-^

Benoît 'Mutos' Robin

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