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@ghost53947, I'm using arch, and running latest -Syu as of that posting 1/21,
which was with plasma 5.11.5-1 on arch.  It's every bit as broken as 5.8 I
upgraded from, and others prior still broken the same way.  With arch through
early 5.x plasma I've cleared my .config kde settings, but this is just still
inherently broken somehow despite any userland intervention I've found.

My video hardware is a dell precision 7910, nvidia 1070GTX, 3x Club3d
DisplayPort 1.2 adapters to HDMI 2.0, nvidia 3.87.34-5, and 3x Samsung JU6700

Occasionally KDE freaks out and throws a monitor to 620x480 when powering off
and back on, it can't seem to read edid's, but some compatible visa mode, which
is lovely.  The display settings can't change it, so something hardware or
drive seems to glitch in doing so.  

Usually rebooting is the only fix I can find then, and tried various dp to hdmi
adapters even if something there.  First comes kde usually glitching,
flickering, particularly with anything gl based, and otherwise just continues
to unwind itself over days to months until I reboot, upgrade, or some
combination to reset the clock.  

I can sometimes stave it off disabling compositing under kde, but either way it
degrades obviously over time like a bad leak, and every hard power-off of
display degrades it significantly.  I don't expect this is fully software,
partially hardware, but either way it doesn't handle the displays coming and
going in any way gracefully.  Compositing is the devil I find.

I like KDE.  I want to use KDE.  I appreciate this is normally a beautiful
environment to replace windoze.  It really annoys me that somehow, this same
series of issues around multi-monitor have persisted almost as long as I have
used linux as a full-time desktop/laptop os (circa 2006) across everything I
do.  Usually ubuntu, sometimes others like mint, lately arch, but in every
respect, kde is still the same weird, broken beast with graphics and
multi-monitor systems the same way.  

I'm really hoping my describing these things help those writing the important
bits to the OS in recognizing problems we see in every day use.  So many years
later, you can say I'm a bit soured.  Then I try windows or mac, and hate them
so much more, and deal with linux with whatever DE regardless.

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