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I know what is a bug and what is a software. I have been working for 40 years
for the French space agency. But mine (software) had no bugs (only mis-coding
or finger typo !) I'm joking of course ;-) 

No, my question (which was not a real question) was only to say that if I
update all kde softwares what could be the risk ! 
I do not think that it is a problem. 

But for your information, I must tell you that when I setup kubuntu 16.04 (last
year in february), discover was working well. 
It is since september (or october I don't actually remember), that suddenly it
crashed. Actually, it was doing the job, but after updating, it crashed just
before showing that the job is finished. 
May be another software I installed was incompatible with it ? 

So now the ghost is finished, I'm going to add repository and upgrade. 
I will let you know what is going on. 

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De: "Nate Graham" <> 
À: "patrick charlot" <> 
Envoyé: Jeudi 1 Février 2018 23:07:55 
Objet: [Discover] [Bug 389685] plasma-discover crashes at the end when it
should show update done. 

--- Comment #5 from Nate Graham <> --- 
It's just a bug; software has bugs. :) We want to know if it still happens with 
a version of the software that's not years old, since it may well have been 
fixed since then.

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