--- Comment #5 from Martin Flöser <> ---
Sorry for the rather short answer and setting to invalid. This was a case of
organizational blindness combined with bug report management from a tablet.
When reading through the bug I had the code visually in my head and knew that
it just doesn't make any sense to not have a modifier and that there is special
code which short passes most of the involved options. Due to that I came to the
conclusion that in the context of the code we have, this is an invalid bug
report. The omit of an explanation like this one here is due to the fact that I
used a tablet with rather limited keyboard functionality.

Now I'm also going to explain why I don't like bugs being reopened: the problem
is that we get many bug reports and I try to keep the bug tracker clean. This
means that bugs which are in the context of KWin invalid are marked as invalid,
feature requests which won't be implemented are marked as wontfix. Many times
users disagree and just reopen. Then I set them back to invalid or wontfix. And
things start to escalate. We had users reopening with comments like: "reopen
because I can". That doesn't help and results in fights of users against

Instead I prefer if users add a comment like "I disagree, for this and that
reason". Like you did in comment #2. You gave an explanation on why this is
problematic which I didn't notice in my first evaluation. I re-evaluate based
on the new facts and can adjust the bug if needed.

The bug workflow is then more clear and we don't have the chance to go into the
user vs. developer issues.

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