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(In reply to Matthew Trescott from comment #0)
> * The Cartesian Plot skips number 3 on X axis and 4 on the Y axis
> * The graph makes the Y axis start at 1 instead of zero.
> * The plotted points don't line up with the numbers on the axes on either
> axis.
The problem here is because of the offset we add for the plot ranges. When
plotting bigger data sets it is sometimes useful if you don't plot the data set
exactly up to the plot boundaries but leave some space in between. In your
example the plot range for x was not from 0 to 6 but from -0.3 to 6.3. I
removed this offset now since it can lead to confusing results as you
demonstrated with this example. 

The second problem here is that we show 6 axis ticks on default and set the
precision to 0. So, we don't show in this case any decimals - again, this logic
is useful when plotting bigger data sets with big ranges. We need to come up
here with a better logic so the initial plot is already quite good.

To fix your plot in the attached project, compile the current code, open the
project and click on the auto scale button in the toolbar - the ranges will be
set to 0-6 for x and to 1-7 for y. Change the number of ticks for the x-axis to
7 to obtain the desired result. In addition you can also change the precision
of the tick labels to 1 if it's required.

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