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What is not clear or concise about this?

- ideally corresponds to or reflects the current stable release

The goal is
1. to have an official, unique and monotonically increasing version number to
use for ports built from a given commit in git repo, 
2. that this version number fits in with the most recent
(applications|frameworks|plasma) release version published before that given
commit. It should certainly not be inferior/older.

Point 2 is esp. important in the cases where I provide a release and a "devel"

This does not concern those projects that have their own versioning, like
KDevelop or digiKam, but those that follow the standard
(applications|frameworks|plasma) versioning.

I *can* use the tags you add most of the time, but not always. Who would
understand that Konsole is chronologically equivalent to
? And who understands why that same version identifies itself as 18.03.70?

Feel free to change the ticket "product".

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