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(In reply to Attila from comment #20)
> I am going to send you all the other results you have requested on monday.
> Sorry for that.

There's no need to apologize, that's just fine. :-)

Thanks for all the additional information already provided. With this
information, I was able to set up two virtual machines running Fedora 26 with a
dummy printer "tofile-hp" (that prints to file) in order to reproduce the

I currently don't have the problem when printing the provided file from Okular
on my "host A" to my "host B".
However, I think I can reproduce by running the following command on "host A"
(options taken from your error_log):

    $ lp -d tofile-hp -o "Collate cups-browsed finishings=3 fit-to-page
job-billing job-sheets=none,none media=A4 number-up=1 number-up-layout=lrtb
orientation-requested=0 outputorder=normal page-bottom=12 page-left=18
page-right=18 page-top=12 portrait print-quality=0 sides=one-sided Duplex=None
PageSize=A4" d02917-001

This is basically similar to scenario 5 from comment 19, but without printing
from Okular, but taking the file you provided as having been generated by

Can you confirm that the output on your printer looks the same as the one I got
with my "file" printer (after removing the PJL headers)? I attached this as .

The given printer options might play a role. I will investigate further.

If that's the output you also get, there's no need to test the other scenarios
from comment 19 for now, since I should be able to reproduce by myself now.

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