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> "Position - Remember" and "Keep Above - Force" works well for me.

Works well for you at doing what?

As I already described when I originally reported this bug, the problem is that
I *don't want* "always on top" to be enforced (nor do I want "always on
bottom"), But kruler won't remember this preference.

> Well, if you don't want to enforce any particular window behaviour upon
> kruler... :)

I'm not sure what's supposed to be funny. If there were a window rule to
counteract kruler's inability to remember that I don't want "always on top"
being unticked, it would have to have the impact of preventing "always on top"
behavior, so I could change kruler's z-position manually in the z-order.

Seems pretty clear.  So, it looks like there's no workaround then.

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