--- Comment #13 from Mahendra Tallur <> ---
Regarding my ^ key issue :

1) hitting "^" triggers krunner. It stops triggering krunner when I disable the
ALT-F2 shortcut from the control panel

2) the ^ key still doesn't work as expected though. I have to hit it TWICE
instead of ONCE to get the accentuated characters.

For instance if I type "^" then "e" I get "e"
If I type "^" then "^" then "e" I get "ê"


I noticed the following :

1) if I hit "^" once, it reports the scancode 26 and xkb "" for the first "^".
For the second "^" it reports scancode 26 and xkb 94.

2) if I hit "^" once then "e", it reports scancode 26 xkb "" then scancode 18
xkb 234 utf-8 "ê" EVEN IF the character actually displayed is "e" and not "ê"
if I hit ^ only once.

PS :
LANG = fr_FR.UTF-8
Using KDE Neon, French AZERTY keyboard, Wayland session.

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