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> Can you please provide a backtrace? There's not much I can do without more
> information.

I can't send backtrace.

I can start plasma-discover with gdb, but plasma-discover not "crash" (with her
error message) only appears the error ("cgcicon.knsrc: all categories are
missing") but not close or crash with the window for send report.
Also, I go to help menu and click in send error, but link to this site for
create ticket.

In this 2 last days I view (in my 2 computers) this:
Laptop: If I open Discover appears searching updates and a few seconds after,
no any update.
In Desktop I need search some package for appears no any update. If click in
search update, appears "searching" all time.

In 2 computers, now, if not open Discover, appears updates and can install it,
but when open Discover continue with the error message.

Typing this reply, update 12 packages in Discover, and when finished the
update, appears a image "Searching" and yes, crashes, but not open in dbg...

Other way for create backtrace?

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