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So, uh, this is kinda  serious bug, but I cannot fix it due to to not really
undrstnading it.

Thing is, Krita for some reason assumes xRes and yRes are 1.0, which means they
are 72 dpi. LibKis multiplies xRes by 72 dpi to give document.resolution()

document.scaleNode requests regular xRes and yRes though.

LiKis also doesn't allow setting the DPI of created documents, which are always
set to 100, which SHOULD be 1.0 if it needs to be 72 dpi. (Like in Krita Sketch
ImageBuilder::createBlankImage(int width, int height, int resolution) ) Which
means that newly created images are always at 7200 dpi.

I uh, I am not sure how we should resolve all of this.

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