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Hi Friedrich, thank you for looking into this.

To answer your questions,
a) That means the "Force fonts DPI" in "Fonts" of the system is set to 168, and
the "Screen Scaling" in "Display and Monitor" is set to 1. This is because the
following reason. I have a 14" laptop with WQHD display. On the one hand, with
screen scaling of 2, the items on screen are too big so less content can be
displayed. But screen scaling of fractional value (e.g. 1.3) could cause
problems with Konsole and so on. On the other hand, I use an external monitor
now and then. It has a normal DPI of 96. If I set screen scaling to value
larger than 1, elements on the external screen would be too large. Then, I
increase fonts DPI only to make fonts big enough to read (the Fonts sizes are
kept default, e.g. Noto Sans 10 for General).

b) I tried your method to run Kate. The display is just the same as I reported. 

In addition to this, I guess it's helpful to mention that I use a font size of
10 in Kate (font family: Hack), which is on the left side of the screenshot. I
would expect the preview of Markdown using sizes of symbol (actual
font/character size) based on visual font size in system settings. So I include
another screenshot with comparison for your reference. Please refer to the next

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