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Okay, I have taken a look at the size calculation at assembler level and it
does some correct but likely not expected things:
At first for my pc:
=> output->pixelSize().height() returns 1080 (which is my screen height)
=> output->physicalSize().height() returns 0 (which is obviously a problem)

What then happens is that the following is calculated for floating points in
qreal(1080) / (qreal(0) * 0.0393701) * 16.0 / 72.0
= qreal(1080) / 0.0 * 16.0 / 72.0 (Please not that div by zero is NaN in
floating point and does not raise an exception)
= NaN * 16.0 / 72.0
= NaN

This NaN is than converted to int size in an implicit manner which results in:
int size = -2147483648 (which actually is the NaN value 0x80000000 as int)

This than causes wl_cursor_theme_load to fail and return NULL as it cannot cope
with negative values.

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