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--- Comment #3 from Harald Sitter <> ---
I'll need some more information to see what's going on inside apt. To get that
we'll need a bit of manual work. You can copy the following block of text into
a konsole to get everything started. Before starting make sure disover is not
running and neither is apt/pkcon/aptitude/etc. Then simply start konsole and
paste the entire block in and hit the 'enter' key.

sudo sh -c "cat > /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/bug390346" <<CONF
Debug::pkgProblemResolver true;
Debug::pkgProblemResolver::ShowScores true;
apt -s dist-upgrade &> /tmp/simulation.txt
echo "ready"
sudo sh -c 'G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all /usr/lib/packagekit/packagekitd -v
--keep-environment' &> /tmp/pk.txt

Wait for 10 seconds or until it the output says "ready" and nothing happens
then start plasma-discover and head to the update page. Start an update if
there are packages available. !BUT! when asked to enter your password for the
update, simply cancel the dialog to abort the update (if there are no updates
it's no big deal either, simply let discover run for a minute).
At this point you can close discover and go back to konsole, it will still say
ready. Simply hit the keyboard shortcut CTRL+c and it should abort.

You can now run the following to clean up

sudo rm /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/bug390346

In your /tmp directory you will find two files /tmp/simulation.txt and
/tmp/pk.txt, please attach both to the bug report. You can delete them
afterwards if you want.

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