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Created attachment 110619
The attachment contains a zip file with 3 patches containing the changes to 5
files: part.cpp/pageview.cpp/pageview.h/formwidget.cpp/formwidget.h

These changes are done to add a button to Reset pdf forms when clicked.

Changes are to the following files:

* part.cpp: Just changing the text displayed to the user when the document has
* pageview.cpp/pageview.h: add an action to reset forms just like the Show
Form/Hide form (aToggleForm QAction)
* formwidget.cpp/formwidger.h: add a virtual function 'clearWidgetContents()'
to the parent class (FormWidgetIface) that clears the contents of the widget,
then overriding this function in its children to clear the contents differently
in each widget, ex. clearing the FormLineEditClass (that iherits from
QLineEdit) is done by setting text to an empty string ("").

* the clearWidgetContents() is called when the QAction associated with it is

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