--- Comment #1 from Gerald Butler <> ---
Found this in the source:

if ((netstat = fopen("/proc/net/tcp", "r")) != NULL) {
0200         registerMonitor("network/sockets/tcp/count", "integer",
printNetStat, printNetStatInfo, sm);
0201         /* This monitor takes _way_ too much time (up to a minute, or
more) since it does DNS lookups
0202            Hide the monitor, leaving it there for backwards compatibility
0203         registerLegacyMonitor("network/sockets/tcp/list", "listview",
printNetStatTcpUdpRaw, printNetStatTcpUdpRawInfo, sm);
0204         fclose(netstat);
0205     }

This seems to indicate the issue is related to DNS look-ups. Any way to enable
this without DNS look-ups (just so addresses)?

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