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           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |
           Priority|NOR                         |VHI
            Summary|Kate crash while trying to  |KIO/KDirModel: Kate crash
                   |save a new file to a Samba  |while trying to save a new
                   |share                       |file to a Samba share

--- Comment #1 from Dominik Haumann <> ---
@Valdo: Now this is important: Can you reproduce this issue? Could you please
try very hard to reproduce this? What did you do exactly? Please also skim
through bug #190535 and see whether you maybe did something similar. This bug
is ~10 years old and it seems it's still not entirely fixed. So any help here
would be very much appreciated!!!

This seems to be a very old bug as well and is a duplicate of bug #295702 and
#190535. I won't close it as duplicate yet, since #190535 is in state NEEDSINFO

@dfaure: It seems even thanks to the many fixes in bug #190535, there still are
cases where this bug can happen. The backtrace shows the node=0x0, and
rowNumber==-1. Same as in #190535.

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