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Thanks. I tried those exact versions, nothing too unsual so far (Poppler is not
the fastest for image-heavy pages – the blurriness you see might just be an
upscaled pixmap shown from the render cache while rendering the actual page).

Nevertheless, this might be a regression either in Poppler (general regression)
or in Okular (HiDPI regression, or by using some of the new features enabled by
a newer Poppler).

Here is what you could try next:

0. Specify a page, zoom level and what you were doing exactly, so we are
talking about the same thing.

1. Figure out what versions of Okular and Poppler were working "extremely fast"
before you upgraded.

2. Test in non-HiDPI mode: In "kcmshell5 kcm_kscreen", set scaling to 1.0 and

3. Open, grep for "QT_SCALE_FACTOR",
watch the accompanying video and let us know if you are experiencing a similar
issue (rerendering instead of using the tile cache for HiDPI).

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