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Kurt: you say "as this works for me and is not a new feature."
Can you post a video showing this works? I am pretty sure you are
misinterpreting my post.  Just open two konsole windows (lets call them 'A' and
'B'), then in each window open a couple of extra tabs. Now you have 2 konsole
windows with 3 tabs each, right? 
Drag a tab out of window 'B' to window 'A' - it wont work - instead a new
window opens. Now you have 3 konsole windows: a new window 'C' with 1 tab,
window 'B now has 2 tabs instead of its original 3, and Window 'A' remains as
it was with 3 tabs.
The problem is that window 'C' (which is the tab dragged out of window 'B')
shouldn't exist. window 'C' should have become a new tab in window 'A' where it
was dropped (or was attempted to be dropped)
Does this make sense?

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