--- Comment #3 from Simone Gaiarin <> ---
My kglobalaccel package version is 5.42, quite recent, and
Meta+Shift+[key] works for other things, like moving KWin windows around.

Tried to kill spectacle, nothing changed.

My shortcuts were configured like this:
PrintScreen: None
Start Screenshot Tool: Print
Take Active Window Screenshot: Meta+Print
Take Full Screen Screenshot: Shift+Print

I don't see an entry for Rectangular region.

I now set PrintScreen:Print, and this seems to do nothing. (There is not
picture copied in the clipboard) and spectacle is not triggered.

On a side note: It's very not intuitive to find these shortcuts in the category
"KDE Daemon". I agree that we should improve the dialog, and think of a better
name for that category. I guess that a basic user is not familiar with a
concept of daemon, same for ksmserver.

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