--- Comment #7 from Andrew Crouthamel <> ---
(In reply to Eike Hein from comment #6)
> Andrew, could you provide more detail on "messed up"? I also don't see the
> connection between Dashboard and the Task Manager.

I completely agree that sounds weird. Just my anecdotal observation as I messed
with things.

I had an issue where I changed my icon theme to Papirus. Then, some
applications started reordering in the Favorites area, and re-appearing in the
Favorites arae after being removed. These applications were ones I also had on
my Icons-only Task Manager, and also were applications that for some reason,
would not change their icon correctly to what the icon theme should be
providing. After removing those pinned icons from the task manager and
re-pinning them, they behave correctly, by changing their icons based on what
theme is selected, and they no longer re-appear in the Favorites area of the
dashboard when they shouldn't. My ordering of favorites has also been correct

I'm also now on 5.12.1, I'll update if anything weird happens again.

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