--- Comment #4 from Henrik Fehlauer <> ---
> PrintScreen: None
That's odd, I don't have that. Instead it shows "Take Rectangular Region
Screenshot: Meta+Shift+Print" for me.

Also, I discovered a second place you can configure it: "kcmshell khotkeys" –
Maybe something gone wrong there (e.g. deleted by mistake), or a
distro-specific problem? It works for me on Tumbleweed and Neon. Try with a new
user account?

> I agree that we should improve the dialog
>From Spectacle's point of view, there are these bugs:

  Bug 362061 
  Bug 388592
  Bug 389778

For "kcmshell keys", I could imagine transforming it to look like the
application-specific "configure shortcuts" dialog, i.e. a combined tree view
allowing to search in every component at once, instead of two separate lists.
Wanna work on it ;) ?

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