Bug ID: 390464
           Summary: Application package source - Clear source selection
           Product: Discover
           Version: 5.12.1
          Platform: Neon Packages
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: wishlist
          Priority: NOR
         Component: discover
  Target Milestone: ---

The current package source selection method involves clicking on what looks
like a hyperlink, at the bottom of an application's description, and selecting
a drop-down menu that appears.

I believe this could be improved, as for example, I had no idea this feature
existed (for apps that have matching AppStream IDs) until I saw the animated
Gif Nate posted here:

I'd like to suggest a few improvements to make package source selection a bit
more visible to users:

1. Remove the current hyperlink method of selecting a Source, as users expect a
hyperlink to link to a webpage URL, as the License link does directly below it.

2. Either change this to a visible drop-down box, or a button.

3. Move the Source box or button up. If it is a button, it could be next to
Install for example. Having it at the bottom of a description can push the
Source information below the screen, and require scrolling to check. New users
won't know to check. On my laptop this happens with apps with long descriptions
such as GIMP.

4. Add icons for each package type to make it more visible and pleasing. Such
as the Flatpak icon
( and a package
Obviously the latter would need to be platform independent as one could be
using RPM, DEB, etc. This icon could be displayed in the top corner of an app
page, near the source selection box/button, to make it more obvious what type
of package is being installed.

I believe these changes could help with Flatpak/Snap adoption, especially for
new Linux users, and those new to Discover.

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