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Hi Henrik, thanks for your input. 

About "Ctrl + C", "Ctrl+S" being quick:
I use screenshot mostly for region screenshots (not fullscreen) to paste on
other programs like CherryTree, telegram. Following this recommendation I would
probably need to take the screenshot (region), open the file on a image viewer,
control+c, alternate to destination program (telegram, email, libreoffice
writer...) and control+V. Maybe I'm there's  short path for this, in this case
please let me know. 

Doesn't seem quick to me but being relative, let's say, would it still be quick
considering 50 screenshots? See, the alterante method, I press the printscreen
key, select region, and it's already there, saved on my disk and ready to paste
wherever I need. 

We have free (lightscreen) and comercial (greenshot on mac) tools already
providing this feature. But I, particularly, don't want to use those. I would
like to use Spectacle for that. 

About "What if someone wants "Export to Imgur, save to clipboard and print" as
a new combination?" I'd say, it would make Spectacle even better. Both tools
mentioned above already offers auto save+clipboard+imgurl out of the box. But
then again, I would love to see this feature on Spectacle not on them. Doesn't
need to be a default option, but on the user side is just a checkbox. 

My particular use case:
Like I said, I use it mostly for regions and paste direct on CherryTree
(sometimes telegram, whastapp...). Opening the saved file just add unnecessery
steps on my workflow. The path on clipboard doesn't seem to help in anyway as

Looking for a workaround for this, I found tons of posts on forums, articles
and et cetera. So doesn't seem to be a particular scenario but needed by many
people out there. If you need evidence of demand, to justify the need, I can
provide N sources to you.

My dirty workaround, saved as and linked to Printscreen key. 
export sstime="/home/username/Pictures/screenshots/`date '+%Y-%m-%d
%H_%M_%S'`.png"; spectacle -nbr -o "$sstime" && xclip -sel clip -t image/png
"$sstime" && notify-send "Screenshot saved in ~/Pictures/screenshots"

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