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(In reply to Nate Graham from comment #3)
> I heavily use the workflow you mention in macOS:
> Hit Command-Shift-4 to invoke a rectangular region screenshot from anywhere,
> then hold down control while you drag your box, and boom, I have a
> screenshot in the clipboard, suitable for pasting into a chat window or
> wherever else I'd like. This workflow is tracked by Bug 375382, with a patch
> undergoing review patch:
> But for this workflow, of what use is it to *also* save the screenshot to
> disk somewhere? The whole point here is to quickly get a screenshot into
> your clipboard. It seems like also saving it to disk would just lead to a
> lot of clutter, no? What's the use case?

Hi Nate, unfortunatelly I'm not familiar with MacOS but is good to know it
offers similar function. You understood right, my goal is to quickly have that
region I crop on my hard drive and at the same time on clipboard for a
miscelaneous usage cases. 

I don't see as a clutter at all since, just for instance, many programs apply
compression on the pictures after paste. Eg, whatsapp messenger. CherryTree
when resizing after paste and so on. Having a centralized, full quality, date
organized of all the screenshots I took seems like a very good practice and
still uses so little of nowadays storages devices.

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